Our values


Contribution to the well-being of patients

We are motivated and dedicated to contributing to the development of medicines that help to improve patients’ quality of life and alleviate suffering.

From many years of experience in the development of dermatological medicines, we know that good products make an important contribution to patients’ quality of life. Having the opportunity to contribute to this is an important aspect of our daily motivation.

Dermatological diseases are rarely life-threatening (and rarely contagious), but are strongly perceived by the patient – both directly through the skin as the human‘s largest sensory organ, as well as indirectly through their manifestation on the skin, that is often visible to others which can have a stressful effect.

Dermatological formulations are literally “closer” to the user than most other medicines and well-developed products can – even beyond the clinical efficacy measured in studies – contribute significantly to therapeutic success and quality of life. Comfortable and safe handling, good tolerability considering the specific skin condition and pleasant cosmetics can support this. Above all, however, our contribution to progress is to solve challenging formulation tasks at all in order to bring promising active pharmaceutical ingredients to the market and make them available to patients. We are committed to this with all our knowledge, creativity and perseverance.

Continuous improvement

We believe that the commitment to continuous improvement, perseverance and the determination to solve even difficult problems are important success factors and we live this attitude.

Semi-solid dosage forms are diverse, often complex, and account for a rather small proportion of the total number of dosage forms developed. Therefore, many of these systems, including the classic cream, are generally less well understood than e.g. tablets or capsules. This makes it more challenging to develop them systematically, robustly and economically. In decades of experience, the RaDes team has not only developed many formulations, but has always invested in a better scientific-technical understanding of the basic principles of topical formulations. This knowledge allows us a largely “rational design” of formulations, i.e. a systematic, target-oriented procedure through which erroneous paths and subsequent changes can be minimized. In this way we also obtain answers why something works or not so that set-screws for specific modifications can be identified. It also provides the basis for innovations and enables us to solve even toughest challenges in formulation design and analytics. We are also convinced that such a systematic understanding of formulations means considerable economic saving potential in the medium and long term, as trouble shooting at a later stage can be avoided or carried out much more specifically.

Based on our experience, we firmly believe that lively scientific curiosity and persistent efforts to find better solutions pay off. In collaboration with universities, suppliers and partner companies, we continue to work on deepening this understanding to deliver the best possible solutions.

Social responsibility

We want to make a positive contribution to the society by acting responsibly, professionally and fairly.

We have decided to start a business because we are ready to take responsibility and appreciate being in tune with our beliefs.

Inspired by the mission statement of the “honorable Hanseatic merchant”, fairness, reliability and long-term orientation are just as important to us as the endeavor to generate sustainable win-win situations with our business partners and to bear social responsibility.

We want to create jobs and to give our employees the opportunity to grow based on their individual strengths. Likewise, we are committed to contributing to scientific progress in our field through research and active participation in discourse.