RaDes – your partner for the development of formulations, analytical methods and processes.

We are RaDes and offer contract development of formulations based on leading expertise for semi-solid and liquid dosage forms. We build on research experience at international and renowned universities as well as many years of experience in responsible positions in the pharmaceutical industry. During this time, we have designed and developed innovative products as well as improved existing ones.

In combination with a systematic scientific approach, the use of modern technology and statistical methods, we stand for a “rational design” of formulations that enables an efficient development of robust products.

On this basis, we work together with our customers to develop tailor-made, individual solutions.


Waters Corporation, a leading manufacturer of analytical laboratory instruments, found our story and projects interesting and published a case study on us!


We offer leading expertise in formulation design, analytical development, performance testing and process development of liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. Our customers benefit equally from the use of modern technology and structured processes as well as from our extensive experience and judgement.


We are convinced that our ambition to systematically understand formulations and to constantly improve pays off and enables us to develop superior products. To make contributions to medicines that improve patients’ quality of life is a great motivation for us.