Founder & Leadership Team:

Dr. Michael Herbig, MBA, Co-Founder and CEO RaDes GmbH

Dr. Michael Herbig is a pharmacist, holds a PhD in “Drug Delivery & Formulation” from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and an MBA from OUBS, UK. He began his career in formulation development at Novartis AG in Basel and was most recently Head of Pharmaceutical Development at Almirall Hermal GmbH.

Dirk Evers, Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. [FH]), Co-Founder and Head of Analytical Development

Dirk Evers is a chemical engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the analytics of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. He has implemented a number of methods to optimize the analysis of semi-solid dosage forms. In addition, he made important contributions to the development of analytical methods for complex excipients.

Dr. Melanie Köllmer, Co-Founder and Head of Formulation Development

Dr. Melanie Köllmer is a pharmacist and holds a PhD in drug delivery from the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. She has over ten years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, in particular in the development of innovative topical formulations and rheological characterization.

Sascha Gorissen, Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. [FH]), Co-Founder and Head of Project Management

Sascha Gorissen is a biotechnology engineer with extensive experience in preclinical development, pharmaceutical analytics and project management. In addition to his role as head of laboratory and project management, he is responsible for the in vitro models of skin permeation.

Dr. Petra Lohmann, head of quality assurance

Dr. Petra Lohmann is a chemist and pharmacist with a PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry. She fulfils the requirements as a qualified person (QP) according to Directive 2001/83 EC with over 20 years of industrial experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, most recently in leading positions in quality control and quality assurance.

Scientists and laboratory technicians:

Dr. Elina Hagelskamp, Analytical Scientist

Dr. Elina Hagelskamp studied chemistry at LMU Munich and completed her Master’s degree with distinction. In her PhD project on organic analytical chemistry she gained expertise in various applications of chromatography and mass spectrometry. Her focus at RaDes is analytical method development, stability investigations and in vitro release & permeation testing.

Felix Teschke, Formulation Scientist

Felix Teschke is a registered pharmacist with a degree from the University of Greifswald. As pharmacist in the year of practical training at RaDes, he has already gained experience in DoE-based formulation design and rheological characterization of formulations. In his role as Formulation Scientist, he is now responsible for the design, manufacture and characterization of formulations. A particular focus is the rheological evaluation of semi-solid preparations.

Janek Giebel, Laboratory Technician

Janek Giebel is a chemical laboratory technician; thanks to his apprenticeship, which he completed with distinction in 2019 as one of the best of the year, he is already very familiar with the analysis of semi-solid dosage forms. His main focus at RaDes is sample preparation of semi-solid formulations, chromatography with UV/Vis and mass spectrometric detection, as well as rheology.

Sabine Fielhauer, Laboratory Technician

Sabine Fielhauer is a trained chemical laboratory technician and has over 35 years of practical experience in the galenic development of semi-solid formulations. She has been involved in many process transfers from development to production scale and is co-inventor of several patents and co-developer of various market products. Her main focus at RaDes is the manufacturing and characterization of formulations as well as their process development.