Sascha Gorissen, Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. [FH]), Co-Founder and Head of Project Management

Sascha Gorissen heads the project management of RaDes GmbH and is responsible for the operation of the labs. In addition, he is in charge of the in vitro/ex vivo release and percutaneous absorption models implemented at RaDes. He studied biotechnology engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Gießen, Germany and began his professional career as a research scientist in the preclinical development department of Schwarz Pharma AG in Monheim, Germany. His work in the departments of Molecular Biology and ADME focused on the establishment and implementation of molecular biological and cell biological methods. Furthermore, he was responsible for the development, validation and implementation of bioanalytical methods in the GLP area.

Subsequently, as a research scientist in analytics at AMDS, he was responsible for the expansion of the analytical method spectrum and organization of the laboratory. In addition, he established a preparative HPLC method for the purification of chiral substances. In 2009, he moved to Almirall Hermal. In the Analytics and Quality Control group, he was initially responsible for the development and validation of analytical methods for semi-solid drugs under GMP, the implementation of new analytical technologies such as mass spectrometry, the determination of structural information on unknown degradation products and the qualification of computerized systems. He also took over the CMC lead of various international development projects from feasibility to clinical phase III. From 2016 until the founding of RaDes GmbH, he was group leader of “Analytics and Quality Control Pharmaceutical Development” at the Reinbek site.