Dr. Michael Herbig, MBA, Co-Founder and CEO

Michael Herbig has 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical development with a focus on topical dermatological dosage forms and special drug delivery systems. His experience ranges from concept design and confirmatory development to industrialization. He studied pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Würzburg, received his doctorate in drug delivery at the Pharmaceutical Institute of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and holds an MBA (Open University Business School, UK). For his degree in pharmacy he was awarded the prize of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy; for his doctorate he received the prize of the Society of Swiss Industrial Pharmacists (GSIA).

He began his career at Novartis AG in Basel with positions of increasing responsibility in NCE preformulation and pharmaceutical development. Later he was head of formulation development and then head of pharmaceutical development at Almirall Hermal in Reinbek, Germany.

In his functions, he and his teams have created an API-centered, rational, risk-based formulation design based on a thorough physicochemical understanding of the drug formulations. Furthermore, they developed procedures for reliable prediction of chemical and physical stability as well as strategies and models for investigating and modifying skin penetration.

Furthermore, he has extensive knowledge regarding regulatory requirements for pharmaceuticals (GMP, ICH) and the economic implications of formulation design with regards to process and transfer risks, manufacturing, operating and investment costs.

Michael is the author of a number of publications in renowned journals and the inventor of several granted patent families in the field of pharmaceutical formulations. He regularly gives invited talks as well as guest lectures at universities. He has worked in Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland and speaks German, English and Spanish.